Drexel Buffet – “Geometric Design” Homage To Paul Evans

Drexel Buffet an Homage to Paul Evans by Unique Junktique

“Geometric Design” is the theme for September’s Fabulous Furniture Flipping Contest. Entrants were asked to create a piece with a geometric elements. I have been dying to create an homage to Paul Evans so I immediately went on the search for a piece with clean lines, something Mid Century Modern was the goal. But no such luck in my area these pieces are highly collectible and a fortune. I scoured Craigslist for weeks and came up with a great alternative this wonderful vintage solid Drexel Buffet with a clean modern design.

*This is a sponsored post, I have received products used for this project. Please review my PR Page for more details on the disclosure policy.

Before Collage of Drexel Buffet

The Before Shot

Here is the closest I could find in a Mid Century Modern clean lined piece. This great little number I found on Craigslist for a song. The little Drexel Buffet had some dings and scratches but structurally she was sound with only a little bit of wood putty needed in a few spots. And oh If only it came with the key!

Drexel Buffet with General Finishes

This Projects Products

General Finishes was kind enough to gift each participant with on quart of their choice of product for our projects. I chose their Milk Paint in Lamp Black, I have been dying to try this shade of black as it is a true black, not one of the fifty shades of grey in any way. This is my first go with general Finishes, and I must say the Milk Paint is a pleasure to work with, so smooth and luxurious with a wonderful finish. I also used their new formula True Performance Top Coat for protection. and for the geometric design I used Modern Masters Metallic in Brass, and Pale Gold, With touches of Martha Stewart’s Bronze.

Drexel Buffet Hardware

Hardware is The Jewelry

The Hardware is what I consider to be the jewelry on furniture and on this piece it dictated the geometric design while blending in. I loved the worn distressed look to the aged brass, so no polishing or buffing this golden oldie!

Adding Details to Metallic Design on Drexel Buffet

Its All In The Detail

Here you can see an up close shot of the painting detail, adding depth and texture to mimic the aged brass with all its imperfections.

Drexel Buffet Paint Detail

Paul Evans Inspiration

I was really excited about this months theme as I have been wanting to create a Mid Century Piece in homage to Paul Evans, the wonderful modernist artist who designed pieces of furniture in the mid 70’s. Check out some great info About Paul on Michener Art Museum site.

Drexel Buffet Interior Geometric Design

Including a Peekaboo

I love to incorporate a surprise element in a piece, and here I included the design on the interior drawer in the reverse with black, the rest if the interior is the natural stain although the photo appears a bit dark here. Love the silky smooth finish you get with this milk paint, it glides on like butter!

Geometric Design Drexel Buffet

Halloween Vignette

A little bit of Halloween decor, as its nearly October! The photo is one of those morphing creepy Halloween pictures I framed myself, the day of the dead liquor bottles of tequila and Guy Harvey’s Sangria with some vintage gold rimmed shot glasses. And I’m so excited about this vintage Goodwill lamp I scored that is the sister to a table lamp that I found a few months back which I shared on Instagram, What Luck!

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Chicken Coop Cubby Storage

How To Achieve a Painted Factory Finish With Chalk Paint by Unique Junktique

I was commissioned to paint a little chicken coop cubby shelf unit last week for a little girls room. And thought I would share a little problem I came across using chalk paint on big box store furniture. No matter how many pieces I paint, I always learn little tips, tricks, and lessons along the way. Each piece has its own personality, and this piece put up a fight. Here are some painting tips for creating a factory finish on big box store pieces.

Box Store Chicken Coop Cubby

Here is a before shot of the shelf. Looks like a nice vintage styled chicken coop cubby shelving unit made out of wood. Or is it?  Typically I work with real wood vintage furniture. Big Box decor companies often produce vintage inspired pieces that look and feel like real wood with real vintage finishes. This one is made by Pier One.

I wasn’t sure of the type paint that was used on this piece originally it felt like a type of lacquer or oil based, I went with my gut feelings and decided to give the piece a fine sanding to create a tooth for the chalk paint to stick to just in case… who knows what type of stuff they use in China.

Chicken Coop Cubby With One Coat

The Chalk Type Paint companies all say that Chalk Paint requires no sanding or priming, that their paint sticks to anything, wood, metal, glass, even fabrics. Well this is not always the case when it comes to big box company furniture. At least with this piece. For the first time using chalk paint I ran into problems.

I came across areas where the paint was fighting me and not wanting to stick inside the cubbies. Maybe they were little spots that I missed with the sandpaper? I was pretty sure I sanded it very well, maybe the piece was subjected to some kind of gook at one time? No I cleaned the piece properly beforehand.  Hmmm

Wet Sanding the chicken coop cubby

I have used Country Chic Paint brand before and never came across any problems with adhesion. Bright Tropical Cocktail and Vanilla frosting were the colors of choice. Two base coats of blue were needed for coverage, and a whopping Five coats to cover the blue totally. Normally you don’t need full coverage for heavy distressing, but the undistressed parts she wanted pristine white.

I also gave the piece a wet sanding between coats with 400 grit sandpaper for adhesion,  the client wanted a smooth finish to the piece without brushstrokes. I couldn’t see setting up my sprayer and a spray booth for just one little piece.


Edge detail of the chicken coop cubby

The client wanted this piece heavily distressed with lots of blue peeping through all over the piece, showing wear inside the chicken coop cubby shelves as well.

Now some Chalk paint brands you can distress ridiculously easily with a wet cloth which makes removing the top color effortless. Country Chic is more like the Annie Sloan line which when completely dry, requires sanding with a sanding sponge or fine sandpaper to distress.

While sanding the paint was starting to peel before I even got to the blue under layer, can you see the dark spots inside the cubby with no blue peeping through?

detailed finish shot of the chicken coop cubby

I found I needed to apply a very light hand to try to get the blue to pop through, without sanding down to the base color on the edges and on the inside shelves. Or sand down to far to make the paint peel off.

Finished it off with a wet sand to smooth everything down like butter, the client wanted an all over poly top coat for durability. Tripled that coat….

detailed finish shot 2 of the chicken coop cubby

The top I wanted to have large worn areas, but was afraid of getting down to the base color to much. I was also wary that this piece may be made of an MDF or another material.

Upon inspecting the underside of the piece, the edges didn’t have the look of real wood, yet they didn’t appear to be pressed wood with laminate either. It was hard to tell because it was thoroughly painted on every surface.


chicken coop cubby close up

If had the chance to start over and redo this piece again, I was not about to attempt to strip this one~I would not only pre sand but use a base coat primer as well.

Chalk paint or no, when redoing big box store furniture pieces, I’ll go with the full pre paint prep. For that ultra smooth store like finish I’ll use a poly top coat…… and spray it FOR sure… all that extra wet sanding is for the birds baby!

unique junktique logo watermark Teal watermark

Painting Tips: How To Achieve A Factory Finish by Unique Junktique

 Tips On Painting Big Box Furniture For A Factory Finish

  • Its all in the prep work
  • Sand your piece
  • Use a paint sprayer
  • Spray on the primer
  • Spray on the paint
  • Wet sand between coats
  • Use Poly as your top coat

Florida Keys Island Dresser

August 2015 Fab Furniture Flipping Contest Entry by Unique Junktique

“Icing on The Cake” is this months theme for The Fab Furniture Flipping Contest. For August, entrants were asked to embellish a piece of furniture. So of course I just had to enter as I adore adding bling to my pieces!

*This is a sponsored post,  I have received items used in this project. Please see the PR page for more on the disclosure policy

August’s Sponsor D Lawless Hardware was good enough to supply us with the bling of our choice to add that extra icing on the cake. I chose to create an homage to one of my favorite getaway destinations, the Islands of the Florida Keys . And D Lawless had some hardware to fit the bill perfectly.

island dresser before shot

This is the dresser in its original condition as found roadside, not so pretty now…. wait for it….

Island dresser back

Structurally it was in pretty good condition, except for scratches and dings. The Backside was another story altogether, the piece had gotten wet somewhere along the line and the layers of veneer had totally separated. Good thing I know a cabinet maker and got this replacement piece for free!

island dresser trim work

Since I was going with an island theme, I chose some trim work that looked like rope. Mitered all the corners and painted with Country Chic Cheesecake.

dresser brad close up

Found a great nautical map supplier online, and chose the Florida Key Island group from Sugarloaf to Big Pine Key. I figured some nails would be good enough, after trial and error…hmmmm,  lets try them on an angle … there we go that helped a lot!

dresser trim clamps

Since the dresser had a bow front, I was concerned that the brads would not be enough to secure them, I was right there was to much of an arc. Home Depot three times for supplies and glue strong enough. Yup they still needed to be clamped anyway.

island dresser hardware

Originally when this island piece popped into my head a few months back I wanted to use boat cleats, Um at 14.00 a pop for stainless ones.. that idea was quickly thrown out! Arnt these handles from D Lawless a great alternative, I think so!

Island Dresser Sugarloaf
Island Dresser Marine
Island Dresser Big Pine

What and what not to do on a mahogany piece to get great results:

This project turned out pretty labor intensive, let me tell you why….  Typically I use polycrylic on the tops for durability,  rushing to get this project completed I so used what I had on hand to seal the piece before painting…Zinssers 123 , and I got bleed through!  Thought I would save it with my trusted polycrylic…. yeah I know what you’re thinking…

Don’t know what I was thinking, and used Polycrylic….. big mistake no 2…… it would not dry… tacky and more bleed through…BIG sticky mess!  says right on the can do not use polycrylic over mahogany ( in tiny writing) plus polycrylic doesn’t mix with Zinssers dummy ….. which lead me to strip the whole thing…. and start over….. REDO…. ok  Big sigh,…

After losing one whole day to stripping, I was left with dark orange hands. As I can only wear gloves for so long, then my hands get all sweaty, slimy and wrinkled ick! Did I mention how much I hate stripping? Back to the drawing board…

Island Dresser Collage
Before and After Island Dresser

Pin Me Baby!

Few coats of polyurethane on bare stained wood to seal, painted with Country Chics’ Elegance 50/50 with Simplicity to tone it down, Cheesecake for the top and trim, distress. Seal the body with wax, and seal the top with polycrylic for durability, good to go! Thank goodness. add decoupage map and trim…. and finished just under the deadline… whew!

Looking for more embellishment inspiration?

Pop on by our featured hosts blogs and see how they embellished their projects, along with all the other entries:

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How Link Parties Grow Your Blog

How would you like to be well on your way to growing your blog and social following? Simply by attending  great blog link parties and getting social with other party guests and hosts you can quickly begin to grow your own tribe online. Here are some tips to help your blog bloom.

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Many hosts may  suggest some party guidelines or rules they would like you to follow for attending. Hosting a party takes a lot of work each week on the hosts part, and as an attendee there are some basic rules you should adhere to just out of courtesy to the host. Besides, you are looking to build lasting online relationships with other bloggers out there and in turn hopefully have your posts shared as well. What better way than by interacting with other bloggers socially? Share and share alike I say, is a great way to get your content seen, and develop great relationships as well.

The best way to do this is by engaging with other bloggers attending the party, comment, comment, comment! leave a quality genuine comment on their post- that is more than 5 words, anything less than 5 words is considered poorly for SEO purposes, and actually reflects badly for the bloggers article. And finally share that post socially online for your followers.


Bloggers luv comments


 Designate your Time and your links Wisely:

Flying clock

  • An example, now it really wouldn’t benefit me or my readers to share someones post on say a mommy bloggers site about the latest greatest infant diaper pail when my followers follow me for crafty DIY and painting projects. Use your online time wisely, designate every minute promoting and sharing things relevant to your niche, things that would interest your social followers.
  • When I create a post, I attend and share it to a huge amount of link parties, which takes a large block of my time visiting, and sharing . So I tend to hone into links that would benefit my readers and help me build online relationships with bloggers in my niche as well. Making the most use of that time.
  • And please don’t forget your party host, share their party link socially online, comment, and follow the host socially as well. Perhaps even sign up for their newsletter. Not only will you get reminders of the party each week, but you will receive their latest blog content, directly to your inbox. This makes it easier for sharing purposes, saving you time from blog hopping for shareable content for your following, and it helps you build a lasting relationship with the host as well.

Always post a do follow text link back to the party, it’s proper etiquette and helps bring traffic to the party! It is also a great way for your to keep track of your party habits without having to add yet another entry to that dreaded blogger binder. Gave that up a long time ago… but that’s another story.

The hosts really appreciate all of your involvement, as the whole point for them hosting these large parties is to grow their blog numbers to open up opportunities with sponsors and such. Then that in turn enables the hosts to offer awesome free giveaway items at their parties, so its a win win for everyone. Besides no one likes a link and run party guest, it defeats the whole purpose of attending a link party.

After all link parties are all about building relationships, sharing content, discovering new things, meeting new people, and getting your own content shared in the process.

Are you looking for great link parties to attend, or some helpful party etiquette tips? Then head on over to my Link page for more.

Try some of these tips for a few weeks, then check the google analytics for your blog… you will be amazed at how much new traffic to your blog originates from Link Parties!


hydrangea bloom mirror image
watch your blog bloom hydrangea
Hydrangea bloom

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Rescued An Art Horse Bench Covered In Spit!

So excited about this project, my entry in this months Fab Furniture Flippin Contest: “Let Your Colors Burst”. I tried out this cool stain product called Unicorn Spit on a rescued Art Horse Bench, and I love playing with this stuff!

What is the Fab Furniture Flipping Contest? A monthly contest for furniture flips of course, entrants have a chance to win various products offered from the sponsor of the month. And this month we have a chance of winning some Gel Stain from Unicorn Spit, …. So if you like my project, cast a vote for me and I will create some more great stuff to share with this cool product!

*This is a sponsored post I have received product to complete this project
please see the PR Page for more on the disclosure policy
stripped art horse bench

Originally I had intended on trying out this product in a variety of colors on a vintage dresser, but my package arrived damaged and my main color was spent. Michelle sent out a replacement right away, but I knew my package would not arrive in time for me to complete the dresser for this post. So I chose to try out the remaining jars of colors on this rescued art horse drawing bench instead. Rescued from the trash from Dreyfoos School of The Arts in West Palm Beach. This shot is after I stripped off all the old varnish.

sanding art horse bench

Let me tell you this gel stain is a blast to play with! I watched some of Michelle’s YouTube instructional videos on her staining techniques to see if I could apply some of her magic wizardry to my project. I love her aura blast technique, her results are just stunning. One great thing about Unicorn Spit, because it is water based, you have a lot of work time to adjust your design. if you are not happy with how your project is turning out, you can spritz water on it, thin it out to create a whole new look, or even go as far as rinsing it off and starting anew with a color tinted base left behind.

staining process

I tried her Stain Press Technique, using a plastic overlay but wasn’t happy with my first result. So I simply rinsed it off and tried something else. Squirted color on, finger painted, let dry, played with a squirt bottle, dripped some color here, some more color there, wiped off in areas  applied more color in others, shook on some rubbing alcohol.

alcohol process

What fun finger painting with stain! Really lets your inner artist playfully shine. You can really go crazy, make a mess and it rinses right away with the hose. this would be a really great product to use with the kids as its non toxic, and a super easy clean up. Um outside of course!

stain detail

This color stain is vibrant! you can leave it on to dry full strength for bright deep hue, or wipe it off and blend the colors for more muted tones. Allows the creation of depth and blending like a fine art painting…. And It smells divine like jasmine.

stain detail close up

One thing…. you must seal it with an oil based sealer.  Michelle uses Tung Oil for a super shiny durable finish, I chose wipe on Poly by minwax for a more hand rubbed matte finish. I found that the wipe on poly does tone down the vibrance and darken the color quite a bit.

Art horse bench full shot
art horse bench with drawing pad


I think for my next project using Unicorn Spit, I’ll try the Tung oil as I definitely will be using this product again,

It is just so versatile the applications are just so vast….

I want to experiment and play some more!

Furniture Flipping Contest Logo

 Looking for more inspiration using Unicorn Spit?

Well then pop on over to our hosts pages to see their projects:

If your interested in participating in next months contest drop either host an email for more information.

  • info@eveyscreations.com
  • info@anastasiavintage.com


Unicorn Spit logo


This months contest sponsor

This months contest sponsor is Unicorn SPiT , a really cool company, with a super cool name, and an even cooler product!

Vibrantly colored non toxic water-based gel stains, that smell like Jasmine!

My oh my…. I love this stuff!


Proud To Announce That This Project Has Been Featured At:

Patriotic Bench Vintage Rescue With Pallet Wood

Picked up this little gem from the side of the road, those well turned legs grabbed my attention.  Added a new top with some pallet boards, and updated it into a patriotic bench just in time for the fourth of July!

The Patriotic Bench In Process:

Before Shot of the patriotic bench

Here is the before shot, the vintage piano bench as found … a roadside cast off.

Love those legs….but the outdated upholstered top has got to go….

patriotic bench getting a vinegar stain

Created a rustic top with some pallet wood cut to size, then to age the newer wood and marry it to match the vintage, I doused the the whole piece with some homemade vinegar stain. Nothing complicated, just vinegar coffee grounds and some steel wool.

patriotic bench paint detail

Found a great patriotic graphic, printed it out, and did a reverse trace with chalk onto the top, then hand painted the detail and wording with regular black acrylic artists paint.

patriotic bench in the round

The Finished Piece:

The Base was painted with American Paint Co. in Born On The Fourth Of July, distressed and finished off with Annie Sloan’s clear wax.

The top was finished with a polycrylic for durability. I didn’t care for the shiny effect, so I knocked it down a bit with some additional sanding.

 I find that the nice small size of these little benches make them a perfect little coffee table for a small space, or for holiday decor.

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Painted Dressers “Oysters On The Half Shell”

After a much needed Hiatus, may I introduce the latest creation to the hand painted furniture collection.
A sweet vintage french provincial  set of painted dressers dubbed:
“Oysters On The Half Shell”

Painted Dressers in Annie Sloan and Modern Masters metallics paints

 Oysters On The Half Shell painted dresser set by Unique Junktique
This rescued dresser set was in much need of some redo love,
the matching four drawer dresser was claimed for a custom paint job for a client,
and did not make the addition to this group.
 You may have seen some before photos of me working on the sister piece over on Instagram,
what a mess these pieces were in when I picked them up….
Dripping with peeling stain that was improperly slathered over the original paint.
What a job let me tell you…
Oysters on the Half Shell by Unique Junktique
Inspired by creating something beautiful from within,
The Oyster theme just slam dunk hit me.
 And a perfect set of pearls for coastal decor, was produced.
Oysters on the Half Shell by Unique Junktique
And we all know….a Southern girl always needs a good set of pearls….
Oysters on the Half Shell by Unique Junktique
 This custom color combination was created with
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck egg,  Paris Grey,
and Old White trim,
with a smidgen of Ce Ce Caldwell’s
New Orleans Purple
in the carvings.
  Modern Masters metallic was used with Warm Silver
for the hardware and edging,
 and Pearl in the painted drawer detail
and along the tops outer edge.
Oysters on the Half Shell by Unique Junktique
The bodies were waxed, and buffed to a smooth as butter finish,
with some added aging powder.
the tops were sealed with a topcoat for durability.
Oysters on the Half Shell by Unique Junktique
Oysters on the Half Shell by Unique Junktique
 I could have chosen to spray this dresser set,
as I am really dying to try out my new present,
 my Graco sprayer….
 But I really wanted the added texture only a brush can produce
to create the dimension I was trying to achieve
to mimic the streaks and striations in the natural oyster shell.
Oysters on the Half Shell by Unique Junktique
Some added bling to the inside of the drawers….
 um..yes please.
Oysters on the Half Shell by Unique Junktique
This vintage french provincial was created by Henredon Fine Furniture.
And a little furniture lore –
Henredon has four factories operating in North Carolina.
Two located in High Point and Mt. Airy which handle upholstery,
one in Spruce Pine that deals with case goods,
and the Morgantown facility is main headquarters.
“Henredon was founded in Morgantown, North Carolina in 1945
by four men determined to build furniture of custom quality.
Henredon has always taken a leadership role in manufacturing some of the finest furnishings available.
Our success is based on the talent and effort of the individuals that work for Henredon.
Today, among people of discriminating taste, the name Henredon represents the best.”

You can find all the sites which I share my posts on my Party Page

Hope you all enjoyed the dresser set “Oysters On The Half Shell”

I highly recommend Modern Masters Metallics paint for vintage furniture revamping it really lends your piece some Pop!

…..”Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”

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Thank you so much!

Break The Silence

Things have been quiet on the blog as of late..
but it’s time to break the silence.
no I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth
or given up on my blogging or creative endeavors,
I just needed to place them on the back burner the past few months.

Time to Be Brave and Break The Silence

One Positive Thought
 During the holidays we found out that my sister has come down with Hep2 breast cancer. No one in our family has had any type of cancer and we have had no previous up close experience with this devastating disease. So needless to say the whole clan has been dealing with a lot as you well may imagine. My Mom has been travelling back and forth between her place in Ga. and staying with me to help care for my sister who has just gone through her second round of chemotherapy last week….. and my sister just lost her pride and joy,…. her hair.




You may remember her photo from this past post…


The whole reality of all this has just thrown e for a loop, and I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to blog let alone create anything these past few months. I’ve been in a rut mustering up strength and support and in fear and turmoil on the inside.


Normally I’m not one to whine and complain, or air my dirty laundry. I just felt I needed to give everyone a heads up as to what’s been happening over here in my little chunk of the universe. And it feels great to break the silence.


We did a little lantern lighting of well wishes for her to help cheer her up… here’s a short video I took.


I do have some furniture pieces I will be sharing very soon,.. heck its only taken me three months to complete them…. gotta put on my big girl panties get back in the groove, and projects off the back burner cause the creative groove is where I am happiest after all.









…..”Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”



A Book Review “One Pot” by Martha Stewart

The crisp air and the bustle of the Holiday season is upon us, what a perfect time for some easy clean up one pot cooking!

Martha Stewart's "One Pot" Cookbook

 *This Post contains affiliate links please see the disclosure policy.

I cannot think of anything more divine than the comfort of a warm hearty meal that has been simmering on the stove all day filling our abode with the aromas of some good ole home cooking,
and Martha Stewart’s cookbook “One Pot” is a one stop book for easy and nutritious meals to feed the family.

I was so excited to receive this book and the opportunity to share it with you, so lets on to the review shall we? First off let me say that I love Martha’s cookbooks, typically the recipes in her books range from simple to elaborate and everything in between, so the complete novice or the well seasoned chef can always find something to take away from them. I have many cookbooks and Martha’s are always a much loved addition to my collection!

  Upon first skim, this book offers not only traditional one pot recipes such as Beef Stew, Chicken and Dumplings, it offers a few variations of the classics with different versions of  both Roasted Chicken and Macaroni and Cheese. Some international flair is thrown in as well with recipes like, Kimchi Stew with Chicken and Tofu, and Savory Sausage and Tomato Pudding – in British circles known as Toad In The Hole. 
  “One Pot” offers recipes for a vast array of one pot cooking vessels, this is much more than the standard crockpot cookbook. Not only does it contain full page gorgeous food photos with a full range of recipes, but also the nuances of each vessel with its basic information, key features, and cooking tips for the:
  • Dutch Oven
  • Skillet and Saute Pan
  • Slow Cooker
  • Roasting Pan and Baking Dish
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Stockpot and Saucepan
  • Desserts
   Diving In, out of all the various scrumptious and interesting recipes, the first I had to try was Toad In The Hole. I have heard of this recipe before, not sure where from, maybe watching Brit comedy television? But with such a name, I had to give it a go. Besides how much fun would it be to announce to the kids that we were having Toad In The Hole for dinner? I can just envision the look of horror and amazement upon their little faces, shucks it is Halloween week afterall! I know they would just want to dive right in out of sheer curiosity.
Toad In The Hole Recipe photo by UniqueJunktique.com
Savory Sausage and Tomato Pudding
  Hubby and I enjoyed it, It was somewhat reminiscent to a dinner version of a dutch baby pancake in texture, with a thicker consistency but without all the sweetness. I couldn’t find the cherry tomatoes on the vine or the fancy cumberland roll of sausage Martha used in her fabulous recipe photo. I used mild Italian Sausages and it turned out pretty darn tasty I must say! Have to admit that It wasn’t a favorite for my kiddos though, they stated that it was some weird kind of breakfast dinner. 
  The next recipe from this book for the kids would have to be something more traditional, like the mac n cheese, chicken with mushrooms, or one of the four chicken soup dishes. But the little troupers are also always willing to try something new so I know this book will see a lot of time upon the kitchen counter, soon to be covered with splatters and drips, like every well used cookbook acquires!
“I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.”

…..”Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”

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Using Omni Gel To Transfer Images To Wood

Last week I shared a sneak peek of a small furniture collection I was working on, using some wonderful vintage image transfers. This is the unveiling post for the Nursery Collection, with a tutorial on how to use Omni Gel to transfer graphic images onto painted furniture. Here is The debut.

The Nursery Collection by Unique Junktique
 While meandering through one of my favorite sites, 
The Graphics Fairy, I came across these oh so cute bird nest graphics with toddlers in them, what could be more perfect for a nursery theme I ask you? What a apropo theme for a soon to be Mom feathering her nest, I just had to find a project to use them on, well I found a few! 
How to use Omni Gel To Transfer An Image to Painted Furniture

How To Use Omni Gel To Transfer Images:

  • I chose to use the Omni Gel Transfer method as these images are under 12 inches, and I wanted the underlying paint color to show through with a painted texture effect finish.
  •  I took the graphics to Fed Ex and had them laser printed, ( Inkjet copies will not work with this method, they will smear ). Only runs a few dollars.
  • Simply follow the directions on the bottle of Omni Gel. A tip: tape down your image with painters tape on a smooth surface to prevent the image from moving or buckling from the wet gel. ( I use an old bakers tray).
  •  Apply three coats with a foam brush each coat in different directions, drying between each coat, this creates the desired handpainted texture. After all is good and dry- usually overnight, then cut your image to size.
  •  Next apply water and rub off the paper in circular motions, you should end up with a thick rubbery transfer image that is shiny on one side and dull on the other.. Let it somewhat dry on a flat surface so its easier to handle.
  • Apply more Omni Gel to your painted surface and place your image dull side down to your surface. Let completely dry, then apply a thin topcoat. *NOTE: if you are applying to chalk painted furniture you will apply the image BEFORE your piece is waxed.
  •  After all is good and dry, I used a fine sanding block lightly over the image and the surrounding area where the Omni Gel was applied, to remove all traces of gel that will show through the finishing wax, or topcoat.
  • Lastly, apply your protective topcoat, or wax finish.

…..”Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”


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Hope you enjoyed the shared tips on how to transfer images to wood using Omni Gel,

Have any other image transfer methods you would like me to create a how to post on? Feel free to drop me a request!

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A Sneak Peek of Local Artworks

Here is a sneak peek of what I have been working on in the studio. Hello Friends, first off you may have been wondering where I have been all Summer.At home with the kiddos of course, taking some time off and enjoying all the fruits of parenting full time.Well its now off to school and creative time for Momma!

 tot rocker detail

A Sneak Peak on artworks and new design

 As you can see I have been busy revamping the blog, and designing a new brand for myself. What do you think so far? I was thinking of moving to a new host with a whole new style, but with so much on my plate I figured a revamping facelift would appease me for now, consider the design as a sneak peak of big changes to come…. 
Besides keeping busy designing new web graphics, I have been  working on a few pieces of vintage inspired nursery furniture that will soon be available locally. Inspired by a vintage 60’s step trashcan with a great graphic plastered across its side…. “of all things”, I thought of transferring some great images to some nursery pieces to achieve that authentic old timey vibe. 
What great images to help feather the nest!
Sneak peek of image used on doll crib from the graphics fairy
Well thats it for the sneak peak, stay tuned for the finished products I will be sharing at all my favorite parties, and social channels across the web.
Besides creating furniture, I have been brainstorming ideas for great displays and smaller items because….
I am so excited to announce that my works will soon be available at one of my favorite local vendors in downtown Boca Raton!
Shes So Shabby Logo Image
Jodi just recently moved, and Is busy feathering her own nest, redesigning her new showroom/creative space. Vintage old timey good things galore, furniture, salvage, painting workshops, A paint bar – yes you can test your own American paint colors.. how cool is that? I cant wait… just itching to work with this fabby shabby gal. Oh and she is open through all the revamping… so feel free to pop by if you’re in the area, and take a sneak peak of whats she’s got available.
Ta ta for now… It’s time to get some paint in my hair!
…..”Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”


Union Jack Trunk In American Paint

What a trunk painted Union Jack with American Paint?
Oh “Never Mind The Bollocks!”
What’s important here is how much I love this funky paint job.

Union Jack In American Paint by Unique Junktique
I was just called out by a friend on using this term as a title for this piece,
the term in this context actually translates into ” Nevermind the nonsense ”
a perfect title depicting the oxymoron here of a British design done with the paint brand from the American Paint Co.
Please note that it is meant as a quirky play on words, not to be taken in a foul mouthed or malicious manner. 
 I like the title… or maybe it should be called….. simply scandalous?  

I have been admiring Union Jack painted furniture for a while now,

and found a vintage little trunk on one of my trips to a church rummage sale that just cried for this paint job.

There he is hiding in the back… no he wasn’t white but a light yellow,

I just cant capture colors properly inside the house.

Thrift Finds

I recently paid a visit to my friend Jodi’s new space at She’s So Shabby,

a local studio/shop to see the new color additions to the American Paint line, pick up some supplies,

  check out her new adorable Shaba -licious Studio Van. , and just have some good old girl gab.

Anyway lets get on to the project at hand shall we? Here is the trunk painted in Home Plate,

with the design tape lines laid out:

Union Jack Taping Technique part 1

It took a bit of measuring,

and figuring how I was going to wrap the lines over the edges of the piece,

but not difficult.

Union Jack Taping Technique Part 2

And here he is decked out in Born On The Fourth, and Fireworks Red waiting to dry,

waiting for paint to dry

Now I could have left him a dapper fellow, all crisp and clean cut.

But what girl doesn’t fancy a gander at a gritty bad boy once in a while?

I wanted this trunk worn like a well loved traveller.

union jack trunk distressed detail

Here you can just about make out some of that yellow peeking through the chippy layers and dark wax.

Union Jack  wrap around design technique part 1

And here are some detail shots of the British Flag wrap around.

Union Jack  wrap around design technique part 2

I just love the deep blue of this paint, would be a perfect color for something nautical,

I can’t wait to paint up something for the Fourth of July!


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 Remember to “Make Everyday Your Masterpiece!”

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