How To Repurpose An Ironing Board

Repurposing old things most people regard as junk into something new and useful is one of my favorite things to do, you may have seen this great thrifty find on my Instagram feed as the before shot a few weeks ago, well here is what I did with it!

How to repurpose a vintage ironing board by Unique Junktique

You would think this would be an easy peasy project, but it does require some special bits and pieces.This project did also call for the use of some power tools. First I removed the legs, then used a Dremel grinder with an easy lock cutting bit to remove the metal parts that were sticking out which would prevent the board from hanging flat against the wall. I enlisted dear hubby to help out with this step, I was a little leary about mucking up my new manicure!

To attach the Heritage blue Ball jars I grabbed some pipe clamps from Home Depot, I looked for the old fashioned kind with the holes already in them but I couldn't find them anywhere so I had to use these.. which were my only option. Problem is they are stainless and a real bugger to drill through without the right drill bits. Of course after getting home I realized that I had none on hand, dagnabbit! Isnt that the way it always happens? But lucky me my Dad owns a machine shop, so I just popped over there and had the holes drilled out for me on the drill press, YAY. I was sure to grab a heavy duty carbide a bit for next time while I was there too. Snip off the extra bit of clamp with some heavy duty Tin snips.

When using flat head screws, you will want a little cushion to protect the glass when tightening the clamp up against it, I didn't have any rubber washers on hand to I improvised with some thin gasket rubber I had lying around, and cut it down to size. Next you apply a metal washer to the opposite side, to prevent the nut from popping through the holes.

Finally I added some heavy duty picture hanger wire to the back, both vertically and horizontally so it can be hung either way, the jars can be easily adjusted just by loosening up the nuts, twisting them around in the proper direction and shes good to go! 

For the initial photo I chose candles, and used it as a votive display, but I rehung it over a window and will either put in battery  remote control candles or some long vined plants.

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